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Library Events Archive: El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros

A collection of digital recordings, photographs, and documents from UNM-Taos Library events.


When in 1996, I learned about the Mexican tradition of annually celebrating el día del niños on April 30, I thought: what fun and how important it could be for those of us who love children and books to work together to create a new annual tradition, what we now call Día. Annually, we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Nuestros niños want their day too, a special day. Día has grown to be a daily commitment to link all children to books, languages and cultures.”            ~   Pat Mora, Latina Author and Poet

Each year UNM-Taos Library collaborates with a different school to celebrate “Día.” By exposing children to a variety of ideas, activities and facts, we can help them use their skills in imagination, observation and critical thinking to understand new concepts. The UNM-Taos Library has a commitment to helping the college students learn critical thinking skills, so this collaboration is a good fit.
We Encourage you to Celebrate Children throughout our community on this special day, and each and every day!

Photo montage: College staff and students and children enjoying dia de los ninos events


2018 - This year the college library facilitated a program with the 3rd and 4th graders at the Taos International School for the Arts (TISA) using Ed Cardenas’ Lovito series of bilingual books. The theme was generosity, and there were readings and art activities.

The library also sponsored events featuring Joe Hayes, an award winning author and a nationally recognized teller of bilingual Spanish-English tales from Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo Cultures. The storytelling event was open to the public of all ages, and Hayes also spoke at an academic storytelling event for the UNM-Taos students and faculty on campus that afternoon speaking to the craft of storytelling, and encouraging students to expand their storytelling skills.


2017-This year the Library celebrated with the nineteen students in Annelise Zosel’s K-2 class at Roots and Wings Community School, focusing on another aspect of Dia, which is “Diversity in Action.” The Library chose age-appropriate books that reflect a diversity theme and distributed them to all 3 classes.  Because of PARCC assessments, only the K-2 class could participate in the actual Dia event.  The Library created a Diversity Tree, a large painted tree where students could paste a photo, picture, or drawing that represents their heritage. The UNM-Taos Librarians shared the book, "Mama’s Nightingale; a Story of Immigration and Separation," written by Edwidge Danticat and illustrated by Leslie Staub. The UNM-Taos Library also distributed age-appropriate books on the theme of diversity to all of the Roots and Wings students. Titles donated to the school were: "The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond" by Brenda Woods and "Under the Mesquite" by Guadalupe Garcia McCall.


2016 - UNM Taos Library is collaborating with Arroyos del Norte Elementary School. This year, with Dia turning 20, the Library has returned to the beloved brand: BOOKS! Each student will create a page for a Dia book, and, at the end of the celebration, Library staff will bind the pages into one book for the school. The Library will also donate 2 books to each classroom.

While the UNM Taos Library staff will, appropriately, be housed in the school library, various classrooms will be the scene of other activities such as making a yarn kite, making maracas, making mini piñatas, face painting and dancing. Students will rotate through the activities, culminating in a performance by the Mariachi Questa from 11-11:30.


2015 - We celebrated at the Ranchos Elementary School. The theme of this event was S.T.E.A.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. Library staff and student employees at the UNM-Taos community college library visited two 5th grade classes at the local Ranchos Elementary School. The college students taught the 5th graders two simple science experiments and each 5th grader received a copy of "Ruby Goldberg's Bright Idea" by Anna Humphrey. They were provided a brief overview of the Dewey Decimal system and how to find materials in their school library.

Photo montage: College staff and students and children enjoying dia de los ninos event 2015


2014 – At Leaping Lizards School and Summer Camp. This event was focused on, “Reading, Recycling, and Relating to Children through Books.”  The UNM-Taos Library Staff and Students read books and interacted with the children ages 3-5. We also had decorative trays of fruits and vegetables to eat! Each child received a copy of the book, "I Can Save the Earth!" by Alison Inches and Viviana Garofoli. Leaping Lizards’ school curriculum is based on the belief that children possess a natural curiosity and a need for creative discovery.

Photos: College Students with children Enjoying our Dia de los Ninos even for 2014


2013 – At the UNM-Taos Kid’s Campus the 7th graders from The COOP Charter School came for Earth Day. The children planted vegetable and flower seeds in handmade origami pots, colored some sheets with crayons and read books about gardening.

2012 – Taos High School Drama class performed a play at the new Enos Garcia Elementary School Library. Mayor Darren Cordova delivered the Proclamation that, "This is an opportunity to honor children, their languages and culture; to encourage reading and literacy; and to promote library collections and programs that reflect our plurality...."

2011 – Taos Pueblo Day School and Enos García Elementary School used technology and connected over Skype.  The students learned about storytelling, and read tall tales they wrote using hyperbole and exaggeration. They also took turns reading stories that taught a scientific lesson about heat transfer.

2010 – UNM-Taos Childcare Center (Klauer) hosted this event. There was a KXMT Radio Interview with Roberto Mondragon, Larry Torres, Music by Taos Middle School Mariachi Band at the Taos Middle School Library.

2009 – Rocky Mountain Youth corps volunteered at Taos Elementary School library and Enos García Elementary School. Also included in this event was Retablo painting with local artist Lydia Garcia and a puppets collection performance by Sallie and Bob Blair.

2008 – Wise Fool (Alessandra Ogren & Rebekah Tarin) of New Mexico presented, at the UNM-Taos Library, “The Secret of Joy,” a puppet show about the friendship, fear and persistence of honeybees.

Photo montage: College staff and students and children enjoying dia de los ninos events



Día de los Niños / Día de los Libros Books List

Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go – by Cruschiform

Boy + Bot – by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

My Explosive Diary – by Emily Gale, illustrated by Joëlle Dreidemy

Awesome Dawson – by Chris Gall

Oh, Rats! – by Albert Marrin, illustrated by C.B. Mordan

The Most Magnificent Thing – by Ashley Spire

Image: The Wise Fool individual giving a puppet show for Dia day 2008

Our library staff is dedicated to creating community spaces that cultivate the love of lifelong learning, and committed to creating sustainable change in childhood literacy, language and cultural and social skills. Our library collections contain significant numbers of culturally relevant print and non-print media materials that can support on-site and off-site programs and services. We believe our partnerships will enable us to increase public awareness of Día, and its goals in our community.


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