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To minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, starting March 20, and until further notice, UNM-Taos Library and Klauer Campus are closed.  Campus will not physically be open, but operations are continuing remotely. 


Items can always be returned to our blue return box outside our door 24-7.

Email the Library at UNMTLIB@UNM.EDU for assistance.

Closed Until Further Notice

Hours are subject to change; please call for current hours.

The computer lab closes 15 minutes early.
The Library may close occasionally for orientation and library instruction.

Pueblo Hall East; 1157 County Road 110
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557
Phone: (575) 737-6242

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"Explore the past 150 years through the eyes of Indigenous creators in this groundbreaking graphic novel anthology. Beautifully illustrated, these stories are an emotional and enlightening journey through Indigenous wonderworks, psychic battles, and time travel. See how Indigenous peoples have survived a post-apocalyptic world since Contact."-- from Publisher's website

To Kill a Mockingbird (graphic Novel)

The explosion of racial hate in an Alabama town is viewed by a little girl whose father defends a black man accused of rape.

We Are Lost and Found

1983, New York. Michael lives in the shadow of his best friends: James, a teen performance artist who everyone wants and no one can have; and Becky, who calls things as she sees them, while doing all she can to protect those she loves. His brother Connor has already been kicked out of the house for being gay. Hanging out at The Echo, Michael can dance and forget about his father's angry words, the pressures of school, and the looming threat of AIDS, a disease that everyone is talking about, but no one understands. When Michael meets Gabriel, who is interested in him and not James, he has to decide what he's willing to risk to be himself. -- adapted from jacket

The Star Shepherd

"In a world where the light from the stars is the only thing that keeps the world safe from dark creatures, a boy, his dog, and the town baker's daughter must race to rescue the stars and find his father, the local Star Shepherd, before too many stars fall from the sky"-- Provided by publisher.

Understanding Rhetoric: a Graphic Guide to Writing

Encourages deep engagement with core concepts of writing and rhetoric, as teachers and students alike have told us. With a new chapter on collaboration, unique coverage of writerly identity, and extensive discussions of rhetoric, reading, argument, research, revision, and presenting work to audiences, the one and only composition comic covers what students need to know--and does so with fun and flair.

Introduction to Networking

"This book demystifies the amazing architecture and protocols of computers as they communicate over the Internet. While very complex, the Internet operates on a few relatively simple concepts that anyone can understand. Networks and networked applications are embedded in our lives. Understanding how these technologies work is invaluable. This book was written for everyone - no technical knowledge is required!"--Page 4 of cover.


A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year in high school.

Hey, Kiddo

In kindergarten, the author's teacher asks him to draw his family, with a mommy and a daddy. But his family is much more complicated than that. His mom is an addict, in and out of rehab, and in and out of his life. His father is a mystery - he doesn't know where to find him, or even what his name is. The author lives with his grandparents - two very loud, very loving, very opinionated people who had thought they were through with raising children - until the author came along.--publisher's description.

100 Greatest American and British Animated Films

"A discussion of the 100 most significant animated features produced in the U.S. and the U.K. Each entry includes a synopsis, production history, a summary of the critical response, commentary on the writing, animation, background art, music and/or songs, the voice actors in addition to influence, and so much more"-- Provided by publisher.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

Scholarly writing and publishing principles : Types of articles and papers ; Ethical, legal, and professional standards in publishing ; Ensuring the accuracy of scientific findings ; Protecting the rights and welfare of research participants and subjects ; Protecting intellectual property rights -- Paper elements and format : Required elements ; Paper elements ; Format ; Organization ; Sample papers -- Journal article reporting standards : Overview of reporting standards ; Common reporting standards across research design ; Report standards for quantitative research ; Reporting standards for qualitative research ; Reporting standards for mixed methods research -- Writing style and grammar : Effective scholarly writing : Continuity and flow ; Conciseness and clarity ; Grammar and usage : Verbs ; Pronouns ; Sentence construction ; Strategies to improve your writing -- Bias-free language guidelines : General guidelines for reducing bias ; Reducing bias by topic -- Mechanics of style : Punctuation ; Spelling ; Capitalization ; Italics ; Abbreviations ; Numbers ; Statistical and mathematical copy ; Presentation of equations ; Lists -- Tables and figures : General guidelines for tables and figures ; Tables ; Sample tables ; Figures ; Sample figures -- Works credited in the text : General guidelines for citation ; Works requiring special approaches to citation ; In-text citations ; Paraphrases and quotations -- Reference list : Reference categories ; Principles of reference list entries ; Reference elements : Author ; Date ; Title ; Source ; Reference variations ; Reference list format and order -- Reference examples : Author variations ; Date variations ; Title variations ; Source variations ; Textual works ; Data sets, software, and tests ; Audiovisual media ; Online media -- Legal references : General guidelines for legal references ; Legal reference examples -- Publication process : Preparing for publication ; Understanding the editorial publication process ; Manuscript preparation ; Copyright and permission guidelines ; During and after publication.

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